Rich Conley, President of Heroes & Fantasies, had a dream to create the type of comic book hobby store that he always hoped he could find as a teenager growing up in metropolitan Chicago, Illinois in the 1960’s. In those days, now called “the Silver Age of Comics,” new comic books were mostly found in drug stores and “dime stores.” Old comics were found at Garage Sales, and, occasionally, at used bookstores, that were often very scary places to go to! There were also very few toys, apparel, games, or giftware of interest to fans of the comic art form.

The realities of household, family, and career put these ideas on hold through the 1970’s and early 1980’s, though the comic collecting hobby had begun to blossom, with regular local comic book shows and conventions. Most often, Rich came back from these shows with even more comics than he started with, even though his stated goal was to “sell down some of his collection.” It was just so much fun, that Rich decided it was time to try to realize his teenage dream, and adopted the slogan, “Where everyday is like a Convention!” And, we entered San Antonio’s entertainment industry in 1987 when we opened our first store in Northwest San Antonio, in the Ingram Square Shopping Center. Initially carrying only comic books and classic records we assumed the name “Comics and Records Unlimited.” Within six months, the nasty habit of expanding inventory on a daily basis forced us to move into larger space within the same shopping center.