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December 22, 2016
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New Comic Reviews- December 29

Hulk #1 

So this book is not what I was expecting, in a good way.  With Civil War II finally ending this week and seeing how unstable She-Hulk looked the last time we saw her, you would expect this to be a crazy action packed issue.  Instead we see Jennifer Walters returning to her normal life as a lawyer for “special cases” of the Marvel Universe.  During all this Jennifer appears to be dealing with the trauma/anxiety of everything that has happened to her during Civil War II.  So really, this feels like a Jessica Jones type of book, which I love.  So don’t expect to find a giant gray She-Hulk smashing things like what we’ve been lead to believe, instead you’ll find a hidden gem with some real solid writing.  Maybe Marvel is heading back in the right direction after all.  Surprisingly awesome book, this is coming from a straight up DC fan.

                                                       -Ace, H&F Universal City


Rocket Raccoon #1

With his ship being blown up during Civil War II, Rocket is stranded on Earth, which is the last thing he ever wanted to happen. As your reading the issue, you start to come to the conclusion that Rocket just doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere. He becomes a very relatable character by giving off the vibe of an outsider, standing out as someone who is different from the masses, which is something alot of us can relate to. In the issue for example, Rocket runs into a homeless man who is hungry, so he walks into a fast food joint asking an employee will he feed him. When the employee says no, he takes some of the food anyway, and gives it to the homeless man. The underlying tone seems to be that sometimes you have to do something wrong, to do something right. Again, something that is relatable to us all. The most entertaining part in the book is seeing Rocket get into a brawl with the NYPD trying to arrest him for his “crime”. This issue was a good start to Rocket’s story so hopefully we will get to see more of his journey on Earth flourish more going forward in the series.
                                                                                                          -Jay, H&F San Antonio
Star Wars #26

I know, I know; Star Wars #26 is a fairly random place to start a book and if you’re not currently reading this title, you might be a tiny bit lost. For the most part, however, this is a brand new story arc that can be followed and enjoyed by everyone, especially because I don’t know a single person who DOESN’T love Jedi Master Yoda.

From the grumpy and delirious little green guy in Empire to the epic sword-twirling, ass-kicking Jedi in Attack of the Clones, Yoda is, I dare say, the most beloved character in Star Wars (right alongside Vader). From the get-go, Yoda was meant to be a mystery and to this day not much of his past  is known to us Star Wars fans. (Well, he trained Jedi for 800 years and dies at 900, you do the math). This particular adventure is set before the Phantom Menace, the earliest Yoda tale that I know of. That alone is really exciting. The issue itself is pretty short, not a whole lot going on but the bits that we do get up set up  an interesting story.
                                                                                                              -Turk, H&F San Antonio