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January 19, 2017
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New Comic Reviews- February 16

Wild Storm #1
So I’m going to be honest, I haven’t read any of the Wildstorm titles.  I have a real basic knowledge of Authority and Stormwatch.  But I hear Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis was amazing, which by the way is the writer of this new series and relaunch of the Wildstorm line.  Lucky for me, this new title starts over from scratch so I don’t need any prior knowledge.  Even though you don’t get a real clear idea of what exactly is going on, it is written very well and I’m sure as it goes along everything will make sense (I forget that real storytelling takes time to develop and not everything is spelled out for you right off the bat).  Awesome book, and I have to say it’s really cool seeing this level of writing return to DC.

-Ace, H&F Universal City





Justice League #15

Since the beginning of this incarnation of the Justice League, they have faced one monumental threat after another. This time, the League faces a threat called The Timeless, a group that believes super-powered beings are an aberration in reality that needs to be wiped out. One of the highlights of this issue was all of the different places in time the League ended up during their first battle with the Timeless. One place in particular I was excited to see was 31st century Metropolis, because we got to see Brainiac 5 (I hope its him) from The Legion of Super Heroes, who we have not had a chance to see since all the way back in DC’s New 52. And you can absolutely feel the tension coming from Superman towards Batman as Bruce asks Clark to stay with him to battle the Timeless threat over saving Lois and Jon. Flashpoint, the battle with Rao, and CRISIS get mentioned in the issue as well, but I won’t spoil those specific details. This is definitely worth grabbing.

-Jay, H&F San Antonio