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February 16, 2017
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New Comic Reviews- February 23

Jim Henson’s Power of the Dark Crystal #1
Do you remember the Dark Crystal?  It was one of the Jim Henson movies that probably scared the crap out of you because the puppets were a little creepy (not the David Bowie one), but as you got older you realised it was actually really good.  While I was very entertained with the Robot Chicken parody “Dark Cristal” with T-Pain, I’m very excited to see the sequel finally come into the light (wish it was a movie, but I’ll take it).  The story takes place a hundred years later (seriously, they beat you over the head with it a couple of times) and appears that history begins to repeat itself.  We’re introduced to a new hero on a quest not to different from Jen and Kira’s that will lead to some very difficult decisions over the fate of two worlds.  Very awesome book, if you’ve never seen Dark Crystal I highly recommend watching it after you read this to really appreciate the parallels of this new story.

-Ace, H&F Universal City




Elektra #1

This book definitely did not disappoint. Elektra, the Sai-wielding, Daredevil heart-breaking ninja assassin is back in her own ongoing series once again. The comic book and colored artists really helped bring every page to life. It starts off with Elektra winding up in a Las Vegas casino making friends with a female bartender. It starts getting interesting when Elektra witnesses the bartender being physically assaulted by her boss. That’s when Elektra throws on her ninja gear (inspired by the costume worn on the Daredevil Netflix show) and does what she does best: beats up the bad guys. Unfortunately for her, it catches the eye of a classic Marvel villain who owns the casino, which has set up the story arc perfectly. This book is a must-have.

-Jay, H&F San Antonio