New Comic Reviews- February 23
February 23, 2017
DC’s “The Button” Story with Lenticular Covers!
March 4, 2017

New Comic Reviews- March 1

Superman #18
Since the beginning of Action Comics in this Rebirth era, we’ve all been trying to figure out who the hell is this Clark Kent that’s running around.  Well now we will finally get some answers in this month’s Action Comics/Superman crossover titled “Superman Reborn” (I’m so glad they’re knocking out this story in just one month).  It starts off with a glimpse of where Mr Oz (it’s totally Ozymandias) is hiding out and keeping his prisoners and we see someone with ties to Superman has escaped.  I’m not going to spoil anything for you so I recommend just picking up this issue and see for yourself (if you’ve been following the breadcrumbs to the Watchmen then I’m sure you know this is a must read.  Awesome book, luckily we only have to wait a week to see what happens (but it seems so far away…).

-Ace, H&F Universal City


The Clone Conspiracy Omega #1

The Clone Conspiracy Omega #1 does a good job tying up loose ends leftover from the finale of the main series, as well as setting up new storylines for Spider-Man and everyone in his circle. While Spider-Man deals with the fallout from defeating his clone brother Ben Reilly, we get to see The Lizard desperately trying to hold on to his dying family of clones by turning them into lizards. We also get to see the set up for Ben becoming the Scarlet Spider once more which has me excited. One of the better parts of the book is the confrontation with the Kingpin at the end, as Spider-Man shows up furious that Mr. Fisk calls on him so that he can repay his debt. Spidey’s fury is quelled when The Kingpin’s repayment is none other than Norman Osborn’s location. Great setup for the next story arc.

-Jay, H&F San Antonio