New Comic Reviews- March 22
March 25, 2017

New Comic Reviews- April 20

Batman #21
This is it, the big story arc that we’ve been waiting for since February.  Since this a major story involving the Watchmen and DC Universe Rebirth, and I’m not going to tell you happens in this issue.  Just know, it’s really freaking awesome!  You’ll notice this issue echoes the style of the original Watchmen series (which goes to show that Watchmen are in good hands).  Luckily this crossover will continue onto to the next three weeks so we don’t have to wait entire month to see what happens next.  And that’s all I’m going to say about the book, go check it out for yourself!  Awesome book, next stop Flash #21!

-Ace, H&F San Antonio



Secret Empire #0

Hate it or Love it, Captain America Steve Rogers has been a great read ever since he revealed himself to be with Hydra. Secret Empire is the culmination of everything Cap has been doing and planning since the beginning of his ongoing title. The writer and artist of the book did a great job conveying the emotional heartbreak of Sharon Carter, and other Marvel characters once they realized Cap is a bad guy. It’s only going to get worse if the last page of the book is any indicator. In any case, its going to be great seeing how it all plays out through the entire event.

-Jay, H&F Universal City