Customer Services

Heroes and Fantasies offers a wide variety of services to meet our customer’s needs.

Browse through our services below and if you have any questions, please call a Heroes and Fantasies near you and one of our friendly staff members will assist you.


They’re Free! Just submit a list of titles you would like to order and we will guarantee you won’t miss an issue, and if you want specific one-time magazines, we can cover these requests, too! All we ask is that you visit the Heroes & Fantasies you sign up with at least twice a month to pick up your order. So, why wait? Visit your favorite Heroes & Fantasies today and customize your own subscription.


See something you like but don’t have enough money for it today? Put it on layaway! You can place items on layaway and there are no extra fees.

To start up, just cover 25% of the item’s price and then you can have 2 full months to pay off the balance.

Special Orders

Ever missed getting an item you wanted because it sold out before you could get to your local comic shop? Don’t let it happen again! We can advance-order any collectible for you: comic, statue, toy, game, and more. Just let us know what you’re wanting, pre-pay for it, and when it releases the first one we get will be yours!

Wait, there’s more! Some items we carry can be reordered. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to get it for you. Most items arrive within 1-4 weeks.

Merchandise Transfers

No need to travel all over South Texas (especially with gas prices approaching $3/gallon…) to get the comics, cards, toys, and other collectibles that may be sold-out at the Heroes & Fantasies Store that you usually frequent. If they can be found at another Heroes & Fantasies Store (and our friendly employees are always happy to help you find that elusive item), we are able to transfer the item between our locations AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU!

Transfers between stores must be paid-in-full, and are guaranteed to be available for your pick-up within one week, and usually sooner!

So, save the time and gas money, and shop for all your entertainment collectibles at your neighborhood HEROES & FANTASIES.

Want List Program

As you already know, many collectibles are hard to find. But, don’t worry because now we’ll help you find it!

By using our free want list program, your information will be kept in our database until your request is found. Whether we luck into another collector bringing it in, or, we get it from an out-of-state competitor, we’ll notify you when we get it before anyone else even knows it came in.

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