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Heroes & Fantasies has been providing hobby and collectible items to San Antonio for 23 years! We have the largest selection of Comics, Toys, and Game Cards in town. We take pride in the customer service we provide, including comic subscriptions, gaming tournaments, and more! Our location on 410 features a display room of multiple life-sized Star Wars & Superhero figures you won’t find anywhere else! Come visit and let us show you what a collectible shop in the 21st century should be like!


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  • Walter Cox
    I love the staff at H & F ..Always friendly and helpful. .If they don’t have it for me they order it and hold it till I get there. Cgc certified and always brings the artists in so we can meet them. I will always return home to Heros and fantasys…
  • Ida Dusek Booher
    I have been here several times already and haven’t met a rude employee yet. I really enjoyed Free Comic Book Day and chatting with NinjaInk and Austin Rodgers. Like the Terminator says. I’ll be back!
    Ida Dusek Booher
  • Timothy Lim
    Met a lot of the H&F crew at Alamo City Comic Con 2014 — I don’t think I’ve ever met a more chill group of comic book store salespeople in all my life. This is the place to go, these guys are legit. We’ll be back!
    Timothy Lim
  • Candace Brooke Creasman
    Love this place and I’ve bought out all the Rorschach stuff! Great staff and selection.
    Candace Brooke Creasman
  • Pedro L. Agostini
    Great variety of Comics & collectibles, always find what I need, and their customer service is outstanding.
    Pedro L. Agostini
  • Lynnette Agostini
    I always like to go with my husband, Pedro, and see what they have new and pick up some comics & merchandise, they’re so helpful and their attention is outstanding. I will be coming back soon, I love wonder women and anime, so will see what they have new for me there.
    Lynnette Agostini
  • Kayla D. Thomas
    Absolutely love the store! Helpful staff and so friendly! Like one big family!
    Kayla D. Thomas
  • David Lyons
    This is my local shop and it’s nice being more than just another face in line. I understand that it’s a business first and I really appreciate Mike working with me so that I can collect for myself and also put stuff away for my sons. I’ve been going for almost three years now and the rapport I’ve built with the guys really makes the hobby enjoyable again. Thanks.
    David Lyons
  • Jose Cervantes
    We drive two hours to go to this store for the awesome selection and great service. Plus the tourneys they have are pretty big.
    Jose Cervantes
  • Nina Huron
    This store is perfect for finding anything nostalgic, and perfect for the items kids are interested in, now. I never would’ve thought they carried some of the things they do, and lo and behold, they sure surprised me! I go in there with my kids at least twice in the weekend, thats how much we love it!
    Nina Huron
  • Brittany Brothers
    Drove by saw a storm trooper and Darth Vader – I had to stop… I asked a guy behind the action figure counter what this heaven was, super nice gave me the back story, showed me some cool stuff, and helped me pick out a few comic books after telling him I was trying to get into it. Even suggested a few for next time!!
    Brittany Brothers
  • Eddie H. Ceniceros
    I went there for my first time last night. I loved it, great staff and excellent service. Everyone there is funny and easy going. I’d love to go back real soon! Trying to get back into Yu-Gi-Oh! My wife gave the okay, so hopefully the players are as friendly as the staff.
    Eddie H. Ceniceros
  • Daniel Paniagua
    Everything is great here from the employees to the awesome merchandise. A lot of cool stuff from comics to table top games. One of my favorite places to go!
    Daniel Paniagua
  • Bee Sosa
    This place is great!!! The statue collection is amazing & I believe prices were fair. I will definitely be going back! 😀
    Bee Sosa
  • Michael Hernandez
    Really is the best comic book shop and place to play your favorite card game in San Antonio. I love this place!
    Michael Hernandez
  • Aaron Mark Johnson
    Loved this place. Felt more like a museum than a comic store and was extremely impressed with the merchandise. The employees made very good suggestions to me and was extremely were very informative. Deffinatly plan on becoming a regular here.
    Aaron Mark Johnson

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